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Missing teeth pose numerous problems, which can affect both the physical as well as the emotional aspect of a person’s life. When you lose most, or even all, of your natural teeth, it is not the end of the world as you know it – as dental implants can effectively replace both the form and function of the teeth that have been lost. Dental implants permanently replace single or multiple missing teeth and their roots. Dental implants resemble and function like your normal teeth – ultimately, you should not notice the difference between the real teeth and the dental implants.

Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, providing those who have lost their natural teeth with the chance to lead a normal life once again, with these effective teeth replacements. Dental implants offer more convenience and better reliability compared to dentures as solutions to missing teeth problems, as the implants (and the prosthetic teeth attached to them) are securely attached to the jaw bone – and will not have the tendency to move around uncomfortably like loose dentures.

Dental Implants Benefits

Aesthetic/Cosmetic Improvement – One of the biggest concerns of those who have missing teeth is the deterioration in their appearance, as the tooth loss can have a significant impact on one’s facial structure. Dental implants provide aesthetic or cosmetic improvement to those with missing teeth, as the implants and the teeth restorations will successfully fill out the spaces and sunken areas resulting from the tooth loss.

Speech Improvement – It will be very difficult to speak clearly with several or all teeth missing; even a single tooth missing can also affect the way a person speaks, especially if the lost tooth is located in the front area of the mouth. Dental implants replace the form and function of teeth that have been lost, enabling a person to once again speak clearly without the challenges associated with missing teeth.

Prevention of Bone Deterioration – Tooth loss affects the jaw bone structure of the affected area; the jaw bone quality can deteriorate with the loss of teeth, especially if the missing teeth problem is not addressed soon enough. A dental implant effectively replaces the natural tooth’s root, preventing further bone deterioration in the area where the tooth loss has been experienced.

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Dental Implants in UK Or Abroad?

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  • Resolving complaints can be difficult
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Dental Implants

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What Are Dental Implants

Dental Implants permanently replace single or multiple Missing Teeth. They act as permanent replacements for natural roots of teeth. When a Dental Implant is placed, a natural looking Porcelain Dental Crown is designed to fit securely over the Dental Implant. Dental implants resemble and function like your normal teeth. Ultimately you should not notice the difference between real teeth and the dental implants.

Denture Supported Mini Implants and Dentures

Mini Implants can be ideal for replacing missing teeth or securing dentures. Mini Implants can be placed in a much shorter time than Conventional Dental Implants, typically in one visit. If you are in need of dental implants, but you are discouraged by the higher cost or waiting time, then Mini Implants are the solution.

Fin Implants are designed for people with thin jaw ridges, when the jaw bone has become thin as a result of not having natural teeth for some time. A lack of supporting bone means that a conventional screw implant is not sufficient. Fin implants avoid the need for the more traditional method of bone grafting to build up support for the implant.


Other Types of Dental Implants

Fin Implants

Fin Implants are designed for people with thin jaw ridges, when the jaw bone has become thin as a result of not having natural teeth for some time. A lack of supporting bone means that a conventional screw implant is not sufficient. Fin implants avoid the need for the more traditional method of bone grafting to build up support for the implant.

Blade Implants

Blade Implants

Blade Implants are flat titanium Implants with one or two metal prongs on one long side. A blade implant is placed into the jaw so that the prong(s) stick out into the mouth where they will support Crowns or Bridges. Blade Implants are usually used in the back of the mouth where a patient has no teeth. Blade Implants are extremely robust, making them an ideal choice for the back of the mouth where there is greater force placed upon the teeth.


Sinus Grafting (Sinus Augmentation)

sinus graft

It is possible to increase the height of bone available in the upper jaw above the back teeth by creating new bone in the sinus. This procedure allows dental implants to be placed in areas otherwise inaccessible.


Sinus Lift

The Sinus Lift is a technique of raising the Sinus Lining so that there is sufficient space to provide additional bone that will help support the Dental Implants.

Nerve repositioning

nerve repositioning

This technique is performed when the patient does not have enough Jaw Bone to accommodate the Dental Implant or the quality of the Bone is not robust enough to hold the Implant at the back end of the bottom jaw. The Nerve located within the Lower Jaw is repositioned so that the Dental Implant can be placed.


Dental Implants Treatment

  1. The dental implants treatment will start with a consultation with your dentist, to determine your suitability for the dental implants procedure. The initial consultation stage will also involve a discussion of the details of the entire treatment; to answer any questions you may have before the treatment can even start.
  2. Images of your teeth, oral cavity, and your jaw bone will need to be obtained, to further help with the treatment planning. CT scans and X-rays of your teeth and jaw bone are usually obtained prior to the actual dental implant placement.
  3. An anaesthetic will be used to numb the area, before a small hole is drilled into the area where the missing tooth (or teeth) was located. The titanium dental implant screw is embedded into the jaw bone through the hole that was drilled; after the screw has been successfully embedded, the area is covered with gum tissue and allowed to undergo a healing and tissue integration process, which can last for a few months.
  4. After the specified healing period, the gum tissue will be opened to reveal the dental implant – which will then be attached to the prosthetic tooth or teeth (dental crowns) which will look like natural teeth.

    Same Day Teeth with Implants

    Same day teeth with implants provide those with missing teeth problems with an option to enjoy the full benefits of the dental implants procedure – without the need for the implants to undergo a healing period, before the teeth replacements can be attached. The same day teeth implants treatment is minimally invasive, and does not involve complicated procedures such as bone grafting – resulting to lower costs as well. As the name suggests, the same day teeth implants provide effective missing teeth solutions in just a single dental visit, as the prosthetic teeth are attached to the dental implants within the same day that the implants are placed directly onto the jaw bone. The result is a brand new smile that one can immediately enjoy, in just a few hours after the same day teeth with implants treatment is started.

    All on 4 Dental Implants

    The All on 4 technique is another dental implant option that enables an individual to go home with a brand new smile, within just a single dental appointment. The All on 4 dental implants treatment makes use of four dental implants, two of which are placed at the back portion of the mouth to fully maximise the existing jaw bone structure; this technique eliminates the need for a more complicated procedure, such as bone grafting. A dental bridge can immediately be attached to the implants after they have been embedded into the jaw bone, providing a patient with a smile that can fully be enjoyed within the same day.